Who is the Learn4Fun course for?

The course is mainly aimed at high school students aged 16 to 19 years.

When will the next Learn4Fun courses take place?

Learn4Fun courses will take place in the months of June – July 2020 and will have a weekly duration (from Monday to Friday).

How much does it cost to participate in the course and what does the enrollment include?

The registration fee for the Learn4Fun course is € 900, with the possibility of a 10% discount by registering by 02/28/2010 and a further 10% if you bring a friend. Course registration includes full board and overnight stay on campus and leisure activities organized by the Learn4Fun team.

What is the Learn4Fun social community

dThink provides an online platform for the students who have completed the course, in which tutors can respond to any doubts and propose new ideas for growth.

What is crowd-coding?

Crowd-coding is a group, made up of young people who have completed the course, in which it is possible to contribute to realizing a real video game, which once placed on the market will repay those who contributed to its realization proportionally to the given contribution.